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City of Rockingham – Community Safety and Support Services Strategy 2022-2027

The City of Rockingham Community Safety and Support Services Strategy looks at vulnerable and at-risk populations, including people experiencing homelessness, and makes a commitment to the Community Support Services sector locally. The strategic objective of the plan is:

Vision: For Rockingham to have an effective, sustainable and accessible Community Support Services sector providing support to vulnerable populations within the community. Mission: Advocate for more services and for sustainable funding models to support and strengthen the Not for Profit (NFP) sector, as well as build collaborate effort locally as a way to address emerging issues and gaps.

Homelessness in the community is identified as a significant issue in the Strategy. As Such the Strategy outlines three key elements.

Key Element 1: Safe and Vibrant Places and Spaces

Promote safe and vibrant places and spaces that serve the needs of the community and create opportunities to assist the community services sector.

Key Element 2: Partnerships for Collective Action & Advocacy

Foster a cohesive, accessible and sustainable community services sector and work collaboratively with key stakeholders.

Key Element 3: Safe and Connected Communities

Increase community understanding and awareness by delivering education of key issues at both the neighbourhood and whole of community level through activities, events, training and workshops.

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