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City of Vincent, Public Health Plan

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The City of Vincent’s Public Health Plan provides a framework for the health and wellbeing of the local community. The Plan provides guidance to enable the local to enjoy healthy, happy and connected lives. This plan is guided by Social Determinates, the conditions in which a person is born, grows up, lives, works and ages; and in turn influences their opportunity to be healthy, as well as their risk of illness and life expectancy.

The Plan is committed to an evidence-based, population wide approach. This approach includes targeted approaches to support priority population groups which are identified through social determinates, including people experiencing homelessness.

The Safer Vincent Plan is in place to be the main support for people experiencing homelessness. However, this priority population group is also accounted for in the Public Health Plan as health and wellbeing priorities are embedded into all planning plans to help reduce health inequity in our community.

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