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Service Provision, City of Bunbury

In response to requests from people experiencing homelessness, The City of Bunbury installed community lockers throughout Bunbury to assist in the storage of personal belongings for all community members.

The Community Lockers are situated in two central locations around Bunbury to ensure they are easily accessible and close to local amenities.

Location 1

The In-Town Lunch Centre provides an affordable meal service and other important services to our homeless community.

Location 2

The Graham Bricknell Music Shell as it is ideally situated next to the central Bus Station.

The lockers are fitted with an OzLockers lock. This lock is secured with a four-digit pin set by the user, but can be overridden by the City of Bunbury. The lock will automatically disengage after 18 hours which was implemented to address issues related to pin loss and other safety concerns.

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