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Service Provision, City of Fremantle

The Library Connect program is a partnership between the City of Fremantle and St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, who are work together to support people facing homelessness and other disadvantages in the community.

At the core of the program is a St Pat’s support worker based at the library who engages and connects with people in a safe and welcoming environment, providing free advice, referrals and support.

As part of a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) The City is responsible for

• Provision of office space and amenities for program staff within the current Fremantle Library and in the new Library at Walyalup Civic Centre.
• Induction, orientation and supervisory support for the community support worker whilst working on the premises.
• Provision of meeting rooms within the library for education sessions and stakeholder meetings.
• Administration support including convening and minutes of meetings between the City and St Patrick’s.
• Marketing and media support around the awareness raising of the program.
• Participation in the codesign and action research.
• Provision of data and information relevant to the program reporting and research requirements, in a timely manner.

Access to relevant opportunities available to City of Fremantle staff, where relevant.

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