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Shire of Augusta Margaret River, Town Planning Strategy

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The Shire of Augusta Margaret River Affordable Housing Strategy  presents current stats and trends relating to homelessness and housing in the region. The Strategy delivers evidence-based information on private housing and how it does not adequately deliver appropriate product for households earning low to middle incomes and reviews the variety of factors which contribute to the high cost of housing relative to incomes, however many of those factors are not within the Shire’s sphere of influence.

This Strategy makes a series of recommendations aimed at: Encouraging better utilisation of land owned by the Department of Housing, to increase the availability of social housing; Providing landowners with the opportunity to further develop single residential properties with small purpose built dwellings to increase the supply of affordable rent/buy dwellings; Utilising the land rezoning process to establish agreements with private land developers regarding the provision of affordable housing (or land for such) in developments of a defined size; Incorporating affordable components in any Shire land development and Working with the WA Planning Commission and WA Local Government Association to support legislative change to enable the mandatory provision of a component of affordable housing.

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